Host, Co-Executive Producer, The Alcove with Mark Molaro

Matt Geldof is a consummate audio professional. I worked closely with Matt as he provided critical sound recording work for me with the high profile guests for my online video interview program, The Alcove with Mark Molaro in New York.

What sets Matt apart is not only his top notch and high tech sound expertise, but how he carefully listens to your needs as a producer and then how he offers thoughtful suggestions for how to achieve the best results. Matt is also a truly first rate human being and a person I always look forward to seeing and talking with whenever we have the chance to work together.


Brendan Cothurst, Director, Development at VSA Partners

In every category you can imagine, and then in additional ways you haven't thought of yet, Matt is the best, and it rubs off on others, too, so it's always a joy to be on the same team with him.


Daniel Lieb, Director / Producer at Cinecycle Productions

Messenger is filming all over the US and Europe.  I constantly have people coming up to me asking, “how did you get such great audio in a documentary”? They want to know how you got the conversation between three bike messengers riding down west side highway in such a wide shot.  I tell them, I had the best sound guy in New York.


Adam Stoltman Media Development, Strategy and Packaging, Visual Story Teller

I have worked with Matt on a few occasions and most extensively during an extremely demanding shoot in Haiti last fall. His knowledge of the complexities of audio recording in the field were a tremendous asset on the project especially while working in challenging, un-predictable and often changing environments. His good humor, and team spirit were also invaluable in making the project a success and keeping the ever important chemistry between team members flowing smoothly. in the prep work we did leading up to the shoot, he was extremely helpful in devising innovative solutions to complex problem, and as we moved to Post, his skill in sweetening the sound and polishing the overall audio made a tremendous difference in the emotional effect and impact we were able to achieve. He also continually proved himself to be a solid team player I would highly recommendhim for any project where one wishes to achieve superior results.


Scott Duffy, Senior Integrated Producer, Deutsch Inc.

As a producer, I hire Matt for his level of expertise and ability to provide me with excellent sound solutions no matter what production challenge presents itself. With Matt, I know I'm guaranteed precision sound quality, the best service and clear communication whether we're working in the field or in the studio.

I always reach out to Matt first, cross my fingers and hope he's available.


Cody Dennison, Freelance Producer / Director, PBS

It was great working with you over the last two days... in fact, of the last 9 video gigs, you were definitely the best sound guy to work with. and those guys were all great. So it says a lot! How you organized the shoots, mic'd the interviewees up (without me even seeing it), and organized your clips was really great.


Kate McCormick, Producer, I Heart NY / Five Borough Films

Matt Geldof is my preferred sound person. I've worked with him many times, on a range of shoots, from documentary to fiction film. I'd recommend him highly - an excellent person in the field to work with (and hang out with). Technically savvy, and incredibly resourceful.


Matthew Kulvicki, Producer Director, Film Works Brooklyn

Your music was the thing that finally made me realize the Kahlo is gone.

It's beautiful and perfect. Amazing work.


J Reed, Jazz Musician

It is absolutely a stunning job. To say I am pleased would be an understatement. I'm doing back flips with enthusiasm All your instincts as far as editing and mixing, were right on the money. The whole thing moves well and sounds great. I cannot thank you enough.