Over the past 15 years, I have had the fortune of working on a variety of creative and collaborative music and sound design productions, with some truly talented people. Below you will find a video sampling of the more recent that I have been involved in, as a musician and sound designer.

HERE you will find a link to songs I have written and produced as Summer Come yelling and HERE is a link to an expanding list of original musical textures, themes and songs organized by subject, mood and description, that I have available for licensing.

Kicked off by myself and some close friends in 2014, Sonic Crowd Productions is an on-going collaborative exercise in music and sound design. We are inspired by video footage created by our group or provided by local and regional filmmakers. The footage provides a visual cue to motivate and construct an aural landscape of music and sound, employing a variety of techniques; ranging from live studio based scoring sessions, to constructing layers of musical effects, interwoven with field recordings.

Whether looking to license a song, create a unique soundscape or build a world of musical texture, I’m here to collaborate and assist you in achieving your unique objective.

Please contact me today. I can’t wait to hear about your project.